Intersection of Traditional Asian Martial Arts

Intersection of
Traditional Asian Martial Arts

Japanese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts

Okinawan Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts

Private Lessons

You can learn well in a martial arts class, but training directly with a teacher is truly valuable. In a private lesson you get your instructor's complete attention. You can learn much more in much less time. You can arrange the lessons to fit your schedule. You can study the material that YOU want to study.

Private lessons are geared specifically to YOUR needs, and can focus on the topics you wish to study.

Private and Public Seminars

Seminars are for larger groups — such as schools, organizations, clubs, or martial arts dojo. Seminars are a great way to implement a self-defense program for students, provide an intelligent fitness opportunity for employees, or introduce martial artists to new methods of training. As with Private Lessons, these seminars are geared specifically to the group, and can cover a wide variety of topics.

List of Instructors Available for Lessons and Seminars

Specializing in:
Dan Holland Traditional Japanese Martial Arts
Location Judo
Nihon Jujutsu
Eishin-Ryu Iaido
Ann Arbor, Mi
East Lansing, Mi

General Martial Arts

Practical Self Defense
Ground Grappling
Conditioning and Posture for Martial Artists

Specializing in:
Internal Chinese Martial Arts
Location Chi Kung
East Lansing, Mi Tai Chi Chuan

Ba Gua Chang

Hsing I Chuan