Intersection of Traditional Asian Martial Arts

Intersection of
Traditional Asian Martial Arts

Japanese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts

Okinawan Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts

     A great martial artist, teacher, and friend, Friedlis Sensei began studying the martial arts in 1984 and began teaching in 1997. In the fall of 2000, shortly after being granted recognition and acceptance into the Shudokan Budokai Martial Arts Association, he moved his Aiki Goshin-jutsu class into a dojo in East Lansing.

Friedlis Sensei had a passion and innate ability for the martial arts. Apart from Aiki-jujutsu, he was also deeply involved in Judo, and due to his talent, quickly progressed from student to teacher. Friedlis Sensei's classes were known to be intense and challenging, and he was always a part of them, weaving in and out among his students to correct technique or participate in randori.

We tragically lost Friedlis Sensei in March of 2004. He leaves behind his wife and daughter, as well as his many students and friends who will always miss him. His teaching and inspiration will live on through us all.


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